How We Solved the American Healthcare Crisis


Save 65% or more with our Employer/Group Rate

• No Copay • No Deductible • No Coinsurance • No Premiums
Health Alliance Network is different. From the very first day our physician will deliver an experience that rivals or exceeds ordinary primary care practices for Medical, Dermatology and more.
The Numbers Speak for Themselves

2,000 Doctor Visits Every Day
4.5 Minute Average Wait Time
97% Resolution with One Call
No Copay - No Up-Charges

Anywhere.  Anytime.  All 50 U.S. States

Get a Prescription Even While Traveling
Watch The Video To See How We Solved the American Healthcare Crisis 
Medical with Prescriptions | Dermatology with Prescriptions
Common Visit Reasons: Allergies, Common cold, Constipation. Cough, Diarrhea, Ear Problems, Fever, Flu, Headache, Insect Bites, Nausea, Pink Eye, Rash, Respiratory Problems, Sore Throat, UTI, Vomiting and more…Available today for patients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico

We're Making Traditional Doctor Visits Obsolete with No Healthcare Premiums, No Copays and No Deductibles
"I saw a doctor in less than 2 minutes at 2:37 in the morning for my toddler and had a follow up visit the next morning"
Amy J. - Pennsylvania

Come for the Prescription. Stay for the Healthcare.

2000 Doctor Consults Completed per Day

Our doctors are ready when you are. 24.7 anywhere, anytime.

75% of People say they prefer Telehealth and Telemedicine over traditional doctor office visits,
even the CDC says "Use Telehealth to Expand Access to Essential Health Services"

4.5 Minute Average Wait Time

I want it now. We live in a modern world that convenience and saving time is
at the top of the list. We don't make you wait for quality care.

Our doctors are the same doctors you would see for Primary Care, Urgent Care
and even in the Emergency Room.

98% Customer Satisfaction

We're not perfect, but we're getting there. 98% of our customers say they were
satisfied with our service and would recommend our service to family and friends.

Survey: 67% of our customers say they would have gone to go to an ER if
they didn't have access to Telemedicine.

97% Resolution on First Call.  One Call That's All

When you want to see a doctor, you want three things.  
1. Diagnosis (what's wrong),
2. Plan of Care (what should I do)
3. Prescription if needed
Our doctors can do that.

Save up to 90% on Lab Tests and No Doctor Office Visit Needed

Here's another great Benefit from a Health Alliance Network Membership. Order blood tests and lab test online and take charge of your health care and your wallet! We have over 2,100 Service Centers Nationwide (we currently do not serve NY, NJ and RI)
Pay No More Than $14.99 per employee per month
Works with or without insurance, and includes entire household.
Once you set up your Credit Card Payment or ACH Payment.  We will send you a link to upload your employees or group information to enroll.  You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

We make it easy to get your employees enrolled.  We need minimum information, no social security or government I.D. needed to enroll employees.
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